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Jacuzzi-type spa from Wellis, the number 1 brand in France with its spa stores

What is the most recommended hot tub brand?

If the purchase of a rigid spa is in your plans, it is very likely that you have wondered about the brand that reigns supreme in the field. Invariably, every seller and every website claims to have the most exceptional spas in the world. Faced with this type of promotional speech, often devoid of concrete evidence or solid arguments, it is quite natural to harbor a certain skepticism. If you find yourself in this situation, we are at your side to understand your concerns.

In Spain, since the early 2010s, the ecosystem of spa brands has experienced exponential proliferation, but not all of them are able to offer you quality products. Among the multitude of market players, only a few stand out by offering high quality spas. But how to spot them?

With more than three decades of experience selling Wellis spas and swim spas, our teams have built a solid reputation based on uncompromising standards of excellence that we are committed to respecting. A superior quality spa must meet rigorous standards, including exceptional insulation, efficient hydromassage jets, a sophisticated filtration system, ergonomic seats, impeccable energy efficiency, and much more. For us, a luxury spa must meet all of these demanding criteria.

Among the multitude of brands available, four North American brands stand out by responding to our vision of a high-end spa thanks to three key elements: proven experience, proven know-how and a propensity to innovation. Here is our list of the best brands of rigid spas in France, without any particular hierarchy:

1. Wellis®

2. Jacuzzi®

3. HotSpring®

In this article, we will explore the different high-end spa brands, detailing their history, their distinctive characteristics, their undeniable strengths, as well as the aspects that they could still improve. We will limit ourselves exclusively to brands of rigid spas, leaving inflatable spas aside.


Presentation of one of the best brands of jacuzzi type spas: Wellis®

Jacuzzi-type spa from Wellis, the number 1 brand in France with its spa stores

Founded in 2003, Wellis® is a relatively young company that quickly distinguished itself. Two years after its creation, it has established itself as one of the pioneers in the sale of spas in Europe. The expert designers of this Hungarian brand then took a major step by launching their own line of spas, manufactured in a factory located in Dabaz.

Today, Wellis® is one of the world's largest manufacturers of luxury spas. This success is the result of their commitment to state-of-the-art equipment, designed with the latest technologies developed in-house by their research and development team. They have received many prestigious accreditations and accolades in the spa industry.

With 20 years of experience, Wellis® continues to create quality spa models offering massages that are both effective and comfortable. Their multi-level ergonomic seating (deep seats, high cooling seats, benches, massage loungers), encased jet hydrotherapy system and expansive foot tub are proof of this.

The maintenance of Wellis® spas is among the simplest on the market. They have a "self-cleaning" filtration system (the Ozmix system which is patented by Wellis) which sucks up debris from the bottom and the surface, guaranteeing 100% filtration. Their filtration efficiency is 37% higher than their competitors. Plus, these spas expertly balance power and energy efficiency, with low-amp pumps that deliver high flow while consuming little energy.

The Hungarian company has also paid particular attention to the insulation of the shell of its spas, given the harsh winters in northern Europe, where temperatures can drop below -25 degrees. Quality insulation reduces energy consumption by maintaining the water at the desired temperature and thus limiting the demand on the heating system.

Recognized throughout the world for the quality of its equipment, Wellis® markets its very high quality spas in more than 60 countries. Its customer satisfaction is exemplary, with referrals accounting for 34% of its sales each year.




​Additional heat pump

​Advanced Insulation

​Unparalleled Guarantee

​Low running cost

​Affordable price

​European Manufacture

​Easy to maintain

Blower (pump that allows the production of air bubbles in the spa)

​Performance massage

Unique design

Additional features:

  • Capacity of Wellis® spa models: from 2 to 9 places

  • Price of Wellis® spa models: from €5499

  • Number of Wellis® distributors in Spain: Wellis exclusivity (own stores throughout France)

Highlighting one of the most renowned spa brands: Jacuzzi®.

Jacuzzi spa spa brand in france

While the idea of owning a hot tub may not be familiar to you if you've never had one, chances are you've heard of the famous Jacuzzi® brand before. You might even have used this name to describe a hot tub, although it's actually a particular brand, rather than a generic term.

Jacuzzi® is the company that created the first whirlpool bathtub. More than a century ago, the Jacuzzi brothers left their native Italy to settle in the United States, where they showed great inventiveness. Notable achievements include the creation of the first enclosed aircraft cabin and a revolutionary agricultural pump capable of drawing off massive volumes of water.

In the 1940s, Candido Jacuzzi invented a hydrotherapy pump to relieve his son, Kenneth, who had rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic, inflammatory joint disease affecting his entire body. This invention made possible the transformation of any bathtub into a hydrotherapy spa. The patent for this first domestic hydromassage pump was filed in 1953. Fifteen years later, Roy Jacuzzi designed the very first hydromassage bathtub equipped with integrated jets. Jacuzzi® has thus been at the forefront of the democratization of the spa.

Today, this iconic brand is recognized as one of the global leaders in the wellness industry. With 65 years of experience and a research and development team constantly at the forefront of innovation, Jacuzzi® offers technologically advanced products aimed at offering its customers high-performance massages, combining pleasure, well-being and therapeutic benefits (pumps with 8 jets, ergonomic seats, individually calibrated jets, etc.).

What particularly distinguishes Jacuzzi® spa models from their competitors is their design. In fact, this American company collaborates with internationally renowned designers and architects to create the unique style that characterizes Jacuzzi®. In addition, its water treatment technology differs significantly from that offered by others. In particular, it combines the action of ozone with UV-C rays to disinfect water (Clearray® Active Oxygen).





More than 45 years of experience (know-how)

​Very high price

Effective massages (hydromassage jets)

Sound Insulation

​Filtration System

No Blower


​Low stock

Manufactured outside Europe

Additional features:

  • Capacity of Jacuzzi spa models: 2 to 8 places

  • Price of Jacuzzi® spa models: from €12,500

  • Jacuzzi® distributors in Spain: more than 50

Let's focus our attention on one of the most reputable hot tub brands: HotSpring®.

spa hotspring france

In 1978, HotSpring® launched its very first hot tub, marking the beginning of a new era. This innovative model was distinguished by its complete isolation, underwater lighting and top-loading filters. This company quickly earned a solid reputation as a pioneer of quality and innovation, which propelled it to become one of the most popular hot tub brands in the world. With 40 years of experience, HotSpring® has perfected the art of hot water massage and user comfort, including jet positioning, the Moto-Massage® moving jet, Comfort Control™ , ergonomic hull design, multi-level seating, and more.

HotSpring® stands out from its competitors thanks to its ingenious salt water system. This system generates chlorine from salt, ensuring clean, clear and disinfected water for a whole year. As a result, users reduce their chemical use and water consumption, only needing to drain the spa once a year.

The American brand is also known for the energy efficiency of its spas. With features such as high-density foam insulation, an insulated base, an energy-efficient circulation pump and a heater system that optimizes heat transfer, HotSpring® manages to reduce the electrical consumption of its hot tubs. high-end, thus offering economical use.



45 years of experience (know-how)

Maintenance cost (cartridges)


Increase in the pH of the water to be controlled (chlorine disinfection system with salt water)


No blower (pump that allows the production of air bubbles in the spa)

Performance massages (hydromassage jets)

​High price for a quality spa

Water disinfection (salt water system)

​Made in Mexico


Energy Efficiency

Additional features:

  • Capacity of HotSpring® spa models: 2 to 7 places

  • Prices for HotSpring® spa models: from €6,595

  • Number of HotSpring® distributors in Spain: 35

In summary…

You have just discovered the best spa brands in France in 2023: Wellis®, Jacuzzi® and HotSpring®. Before choosing your spa, we recommend that you find out about the services offered by the brand throughout your project but also after delivery. For example, prefer a company that offers you a single point of contact, tailor-made support and responsive after-sales service. If your loved ones own a spa, do not hesitate to ask them their opinion on their product. Also take the time to check the reviews on Google or social networks.

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