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10 year warranty

on the Acrylic SHELL


Swim spas

Our Swim Spas combine the perfect workout routine and joyful massage experience with minimal space. Thanks to the counter-current system developed by Wellis, you can enjoy the feeling of relaxation in a swimming pool.


What is special about the swim spa? It is mainly the counter-current swimming system that makes the difference.

Indeed, the swim spa is composed of pumps that suck the water from the pool and then release it with a very high pressure via special jets. This creates a powerful current of water that gives the sensation of being in a real, existing waterway.

To swim in a swim spa, you can adjust the flow rate to suit your needs.

You can choose the type of swimming that suits you best (breaststroke, crawl, backstroke, butterfly, etc.), by choosing the power of the counter-current system.

Of course, you must first enter the water and position yourself in front of the water jets before they are activated.

Swimming against the current allows you to enjoy a personalised balneo at home! Without having to leave your home.

In addition, the spa at home allows you to greatly reduce any muscular pain and improve your body's blood circulation.

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